Chroma Dermatology is a dermatology centre with a difference – we are a passionate about pigment and skin of colour and are committed to education, research and outreach work for in-need communities.

The dermatologists that consult at Chroma Dermatology are all Australian-qualified, Melbourne based dermatologists that diagnose and treat hair, skin and nail problems in adults and children.

We have special expertise in selecting safe and medically proven treatments for those with pigment problems (for example; freckles, sun damage, melasma and vitiligo) and those who have skin of colour (non-caucasian skin types).

At Chroma Dermatology, we are experts in pigmentation problems and  recognise that Chinese skin, Indian skin, African skin, Middle Eastern skin and indigenous Oceanic skin is different to Caucasian skin.

Conditions may look different, respond to therapy differently and have different reactions to treatment. Understanding these differences and having the skill to tailor the treatment approach is critical to successfully treating pigmented skin types.

The entire clinical team at Chroma Dermatology have expertise and several decades of practical experience in treating darker skin types.

Our founder, Dr. Rodrigues, is globally renowned for her expertise in pigmentary disorders and skin of colour dermatology. She has published in high-impact scientific journals and lectured locally and abroad on pigmentary disorders and the differences in diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions in those with culturally diverse skin types.

The entire Chroma Dermatology team look forward to welcoming you to our centre soon. It is a dermatology centre with a difference.