With the winter months well and truly upon us, some of us will experience itchy or tender red lumps on the fingers and toes after being caught in the cold for too long. These lumps are known as chilblains or pernio and primarily affect young children and the elderly.

Chilblains can be uncomfortable and even painful and are caused by vasoconstriction, wherein the blood vessels in the fingers and toes tighten and reduce in size in order to keep warm blood away from the skin. If you’re prone to chilblains, you can prevent them.

In my latest blog post for The Conversation, I cover the cause of chilblains, how dermatologists diagnose chilblains, what happens if they go untreated, and how you can prevent them this winter.

The piece is live on The Conversation now, so visit the link to learn more. If you experience severe chilblains or believe your chilblains may be associated with another condition, contact Chroma Dermatology in Melbourne today.