On June 25th, 2011, World Vitiligo Day was established. Since then, each year, patients, doctors, their families and more recently, industry sponsors have gathered in different parts of the world to mark this day – to increase awareness, dispel the myths and change the landscape of vitiligo advocacy and research globally. Those of us involved in the Vitiligo Association of Australia organised a few events in 2014 and 2015 but sustaining momentum has been difficult. I think the key to changing this is encouraging local groups to form and flourish with view to merging for larger events. This year, The Chroma Dermatology team hosted a local information and networking evening for the patients and their family and friends in the Mulgrave Country Club. The evening commenced with informal greetings and discussion over finger food and drinks. A lecture on vitiligo then followed. Some of the things I addressed included; What it is vitiligo and how common is it? How does it vitiligo appear and what are the breakthrough treatments that may soon be available? What are some clinical trials that are in the pipeline for vitiligo?
Chroma Dermatology Team
Chroma Dermatology Vitiligo Lecture
Vitiligo On Skin

The group of about 15 encouraged a lot of discussion and questions about these new treatments and the pathogenesis of vitiligo and made for a great networking session too. Cosmetic camouflage demonstrations to help conceal patches of vitiligo on the face and hands was also provided by the Chroma Dermatology, a Dermal Clinician in Melbourne which was loved by the attendees.

We ended with discussing the importance of giving a voice to vitiligo in Australia and how patients and their families need to be at the centre of it all. The Chroma Dermatology team are committed to encouraging ongoing events and meetings in the area. Our purpose is to increase awareness of this autoimmune condition in the community, to encourage fundraising activities to help support vitiligo research in Australia and to provide a caring and compassionate network of patients, family and friends, doctors and industry to encourage hope, truth and change for those living with vitiligo.

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