Fractional CO2 Laser in Melbourne

Fractional laser resurfacing

Fractionated laser therapy has changed the way we treat acne scars, surface pigmentation and photoageing. The SmartXide DOT fractional laser therapy by Deka laser is the latest fractional laser technology for skin rejuvenation with minimal downtime. Deka is considered the world’s leading fractional and ablative CO2 device. Fractional laser treats tiny, microscopic areas of skin that enables rapid healing and minimal side effects. Areas commonly treated include the face, neck, chest and hands. Fractionated laser is used to treat various conditions including:
  • Photoageing and sundamaged skin
  • Acne scars, chicken pox scars and some other scar types
  • Freckles and fine lines
  • It also helps with skin firmness, collagen stimulation and overall skin luminosity

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Fractional laser therapy is a quick and effective laser therapy with less downtime than fully ablative laser resurfacing. It uses small laser beams to induce controlled injury to the skin. DOT therapy uses a fractional laser system that delivers dots of laser energy on a pre-set network of points, without removing the entire skin surface. This injury stimulates collagen production and release of the body’s natural chemicals in the skin.

  • Photoageing and sundamaged skin
  • Acne scars, chicken pox scars and some other scar types
  • Freckles and fine lines
  • Fractionated laser treats only a small area of the skin enabling rapid healing and minimal side effects

DOT Therapy fractional laser reduces downtime associated with traditional laser skin resurfacing from weeks to days. DOT therapy uses hundreds of tiny pillars of laser energy to penetrate the skin and stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. This results in smoother skin with improved fine lines and wrinkles, scarring and evens out the skin surface to create healthier more youthful and luminous skin.

A series of treatments provides the benefits of an ablative resurfacing procedure, but the skin can recover at a faster rate and with less discomfort or downtime.

There is usually no need for injections or sedation during DOT Therapy treatment. In most cases an anaesthetic cream is used about 20 minutes prior to the treatment. The only sensation to expect is a slight sting that lasts for a fraction of a second.

Numbing cream is applied about 20-30 minutes prior to the DOT Therapy fractional laser treatment, so that there is no pain during the laser treatment. The only sensation to expect is a slight sting that lasts for a fraction of a second.

During the treatment, you will hear beeping as the laser machine is moved carefully over the areas we are treating. You will be given safety goggles to protect your eyes and post treatment care information will be provided to you straight after your treatment.

DOT Therapy fractional laser treatment of the entire face will take about 30 minutes

Thanks to the new DOT therapy technology, skin will be red after treatment for a few days (not months like the older technology). Depending on the settings used, swelling may also be seen in the first 24-48 hours. The skin will feel rough just after treatment and during the healing phase of about 7 days.

You will need to use sunscreen and avoid sun exposure and ultra-violet light exposure after treatment until the skin has healed. Other post treatment instructions will be given to you depending on your medical history, what condition we are treating and what site on the body we are treating.

Many people feel a bit “sunburned” after the treatment. Prolonged redness and some swelling may also occur depending on the health of your skin and the site(s) treated. You will be given post treatment instructions to assist with hydration of the skin and to keep it nourished after the treatment.

Initial changes in the skin will be felt even after the first treatment, but the total number of treatments needed will depend on what problem is being treated, your skin type and how much downtime you can afford. This will all be discussed during the consultation with your dermatologist.

Results of any fractional ablative laser treatment will diminish very gradually over time. So, to maintain results, we will discuss how to optimise your skin care plan and how to best maintain your results.

If you think DOT Therapy fractional ablative laser will help address your skin concerns, please email or call us to book an appointment with our dermatologists. Before treatment, we must obtain a comprehensive medical history from you to establish your skin type and the skin concerns we need to address. As each person is different, an individually tailored treatment plan is needed to get the best results. We will also discuss how to best prepare your skin for the treatment so you get the best possible results.