Chroma Dermatology are committed to providing quality, specialised, dedicated care for those with pigment problems and skin of colour.

We are committed to providing quality medical, surgical and cosmetic care for all patients in our community – children and adults – with skin, hair or nail problems.

Why do we need a dedicated centre for pigment problems and skin of colour?

Skin of colour is structurally, biologically and functionally different to Caucasian skin. Common skin conditions look different in skin of colour and unique diseases and complications occur in this population. Understanding these differences are critical to making the correct diagnosis, starting the right treatment plan and getting the best results for each patient.

Our expertise in skin of colour has been developed for over a decade and we continue to be globally recognised as a centre of excellence for those with pigmentary problems (like freckles, sun damage, melasma, pigmentation from other causes and vitiligo).

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Pigment problems have traditionally been dismissed as ‘just cosmetic’ with little or no treatment offered to patients seeking help. The founder of Chroma Dermatology, Dr. Rodrigues, has innovated, educated and published research in pigmentary disorders that has changed the way dermatologists around the globe diagnose and treat pigment conditions. Dr. Rodrigues and her team have also been strong advocates and have paved the way for developing a greater understanding of skin of colour both within the dermatology and medical sphere as well as the community.

Through ongoing research and innovation, the Chroma Dermatology team are a key-opinion-leaders in the areas of pigment problems and skin of colour and continue to lead the way in diagnosis and management of pigment problems and skin of colour.

In addition to this, Chroma Dermatology has a vested interest in cultural competence in healthcare. Cultural competences in healthcare is the ability of health care professionals and providers to provide healthcare services that meet the cultural, social and linguistic needs of patients. Culturally competent medical professionals increase patient compliance and improvepatient satisfaction and outcomes. Chroma Dermatology are acutely aware of cultural diversity and how this impacts attitudes to diagnosis and treatment of various dermatologic conditions.

We are proud of the sub-specialised, expert care that we provide to patients with Asian skin, Indian skin, Middle Eastern skin, Hispanic skin, southern Mediterranean skin, African skin and to those with indigenous and Pacific Islander backgrounds. Our team can converse in languages other than English including Arabic/Persian and Mandarin.