Acne Treatment in Melbourne


Contrary to popular belief, acne is not “just because of a bad diet” or “because there is dirt building up on your skin.” So, if you are popping, squeezing or picking pimples on your face, it’s time to say goodbye to them and hello to the new, pimple-free you!

Dermatologist Melbourne Acne

Pigmentation Services

At Chroma Dermatology, we treat all forms of acne including childhood, teenage, adult-onset and hormonal acne.

We can also treat the pigmentation and scarring that the pimples leave behind – we understand they are often just as annoying as the pimples themselves!

We offer safe, cost-effective and scientifically-proven skin solutions for acne and the problems that may occur after the pimples have gone.

All prescribed treatments including isotretinoin (Roaccutane) are available through Chroma Dermatology.

Only dermatologists can prescribe isotretinoin in Australia and this is the only medication that can permanently cure acne.

To discuss your acne further and to be able to access the full suite of treatments and procedures available for acne, pigmentation and acne scarring, book a consultation at Chroma Dermatology today.