Light Therapy in Melbourne


Phototherapy is also known as light therapy, and uses different wavelengths of ultraviolet light to treat skin conditions that cause inflammation (redness, itch) and conditions that cause loss of colour (like vitiligo).

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There are different forms of phototherapy but the most commonly used, easy-to-use and safe form is narrow band ultraviolet light B (NBUVB).

NBUVB is a form of ultra-violet light B. This means the treatment uses a specific wavelength (311nm) of the sun’s ultra-violet light. It does not contain any nasty ultra-violet light A, so it is not a ‘tanning booth.’

Phototherapy is used to treat conditions like vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, chronic itch and even some skin lymphomas. The frequency and doses of treatment is determined by your skin condition and individual circumstances.

This light treatment is safe enough that it can be used during pregnancy and in children that are old enough to stand in the treatment booth.

This is a particularly good choice of treatment in those that have widespread skin inflammation (eg. eczema, psoriasis) or vitiligo who have skin of colour.

The German engineered phototherapy equipment used at Chroma Dermatology is of the highest quality and standard. Full body treatment and dedicated hand and foot machines are available for use at the centre. All phototherapy treatments are bulk-billed at Chroma Dermatology.

For more information on phototherapy, please visit A-Z of skin: Australasian College of Dermatologists