Lumps, bumps and skin cancers can all be treated in Chroma Dermatology’s dedicated procedure room. The newly equipped room and equipment will ensure you are feeling relaxed and comfortable during your procedure.

Things like milia (small yellow cysts), skin tags, dermatosis papulosa nigra (small brown/black spots) and skin cancers are just some of the things that can be treated at Chroma Dermatology

Surgical Services

Specialised consulting services exist for those with vitiligo, melasma and other pigment problems (see below). 

The harsh Australian sun contributes to the significant number of people who suffer with dark spots (pigmentation). Freckles, melasma, inherited conditions and other age-related spots can all cause pigmentation. The exact treatment regimen depends on the underlying cause. So, making the right diagnosis is the first step toward successfully treating and clearing the pigmentation.  

To find out more about your pigment problem and how it can be treated, request a consultation with us today. We have specialised consulting services for pigment and hyperpigmentation treatment in Melbourne.