Skin Cancer Treatment in Melbourne


At Chroma Dermatology, a newly fitted and equipped procedure room will ensure your procedure is smooth and comfortable.

Skin cancers are the most commonly detected and treated cancer in Australia. Even people with skin of colour can get skin cancers.

Surgical Services

All melanomas and some types of non-melanoma skin cancers may need to be treated with a surgical procedure.

All surgical procedures for skin cancers will require a local anaesthetic, which will numb the area of the skin that needs treatment. This will ensure that no pain is felt during the procedure.

Sometimes a technique called a curette is required. This is where the top layer of the skin is serially scraped off and then cauterized. You can think of it like a graze on the skin that usually heals in a few weeks with application of special dressings that the Chroma Dermatology team will give you and discuss with you.

Melanomas and some other types of skin cancers might need to be cut out (excised). This can be comfortably done in the newly fitted procedure room at Chroma Dermatology. Dermatologists who gain their qualifications in Australia must undergo training and examinations in surgical procedures including removal of skin cancers.

If you have a skin cancer that requires removal, please ask your general practitioner to download and complete an urgent referral form so we ensure you are seen and treated as quickly as possible.

Early Detection Of Melanoma