At Chroma Dermatology, laser facials (Laser Genesis and PicoFocus) are available.

Cosmetic Services

These laser facial treatments utilise the latest laser technology to treat certain skin conditions including:

  • Premature signs of ageing
  • Signs of sun damage
  • Redness and rosacea
  • Some types of pigmentation

Best of all, Chroma’s laser facials are safe in skin of colour (pigmented skin types). Just think about it like having 5 normal facials all at once!

Laser Genesis

Ever wondered what it would feel like to have 5 facials all at once? Laser genesis is a breakthrough laser treatment for men and women that can improve texture, luminosity and give you that overall ‘skin boost’ you have been looking for.

Laser Genesis is a breakthrough non-invasive laser treatment that is innovative and technologically advanced. It promotes the development of new collagen, which is an important component of the second layer of the skin (dermis). It makes the skin more luminous, youthful and healthy-looking. 

Laser genesis can help restore your skin’s youthful glow and appearance by improving facial redness and some fine lines. The treatment is quick with little downtime, making it the perfect lunch-time procedure for many people.

Most people describe a gentle warming of the skin during the procedure.  Treatments are comfortable enough that no form of anaesthetic is required

Micro-pulses of laser energy activate the collagen in the dermis (second layer of the skin). The collagen remodels itself to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also targets unwanted brown spots and facial redness.

You can expect to see subtle yet consistent results after each treatment, without minimal post procedure redness and irritation. 

A series of 4-6 Laser Genesis treatments are usually recommended to get the best results. Chroma Dermatology staff will also ensure you have a uniquely tailored maintenance treatment plan that aims to sustain the results over time. 

The great news is that the side effects are minimal! You may notice a slight redness that resolves within a few hours. Chroma Dermatology staff will ensure that you have a post procedure plan to ensure minimal redness.

Picosure Focus

The key to healthier and more youthful skin is to stimulate collagen and elastin (which are found in the dermis – the second layer of the skin). The PicoSure laser when used with a revolutionary Focus lens does exactly that – it stimulates your body’s natural skin cell processes to create younger and healthier skin. It’s like having multiple facials at the same time!

Only Focus treatments can lighten unwanted pigment while stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin.

PicoSure Focus treatment delivers picosecond pulses of laser energy to the skin. It is the newest and most advanced laser technology available and when used at the right settings, it is also safe in skin of colour.

PicoSure Focus treatment can help improve pigment in the top layer of the skin (superficial pigment), can plump up the dermis (second layer of the skin) and can minimise the appearance of fine lines and mild scars. 

PicoSure focus may feel like the flick of a rubber band on the skin. No anesthetic is required for most patients but a numbing cream can be used to ensure the treatment is comfortable for every single patient. The treatment is the perfect lunch-time procedure because only takes about 20 minutes.

Picosecond pulses of energy go through a special lens that redistributes and delivers energy to the skin. A PicoSure Pressure Wave is created and this wave, with its unique wavelength of light (755nm) squeezes the cells and gets the cells to talk to each other (called cell-signalling). This cell signalling creates new collagen and elastin – and all without damaging the skin.

Picofocus How It Works Chroma Dermatology
A series of PicoSure Focus treatments are usually recommended to get the best results. Chroma Dermatology staff will also ensure you have a uniquely tailored maintenance treatment plan that aims to sustain the results over time.

With just 1-3 hours of minor swelling and redness, PicoSure Focus treatment is a pain-free and easy way to get your skin back on track. Chroma Dermatology staff will ensure that you have an individualised plan to ensure minimise redness and maximise results after the procedure.


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